We Are Vintage, But Still Voyaging Vigorously and Growing

Bob and Anne Frisbie

By Bob Frisbie and Many of Our Museum Friends

Can you believe we will be at over 37 years in existence as of June 2nd this year of 2021? Well, it is true!!! What a wild and wonderful ride our museum has had! All the volunteers have made this museum a success over the years. It has been very easy because of them.

The Museum started out as The Great Lakes Marine & Coast Guard Memorial Museum (Ashtabula Maritime Museum) in 1984.

A few years ago the Museum’s name was changed to Ashtabula Maritime & Surface Transportation Museum (Ashtabula Maritime Museum). We had several railroads in the harbor and they played a big role in our harbor too. Our Museum now features not only maritime history, but includes the railroads and the large part they play in our economy.


Paul and Josephine Petros were two of our museum’s great founders.  Their son Ray, was very active in the Museum after they passed their torch of interest on to him.

Duff and Jane Brace were two more of our Museum’s great founders. Their son-in-law Don Orqvist, CPA, is still very active in the Museum after they passed their torch of interest on to him.

A look outside tells us spring is coming and that means our Museums will soon be open. I can’t help but think back when Paul Petros, Duff Brace, Clint Ekensten, and Tom Hubbard would sit and talk about opening day. Those were exciting times for the founders of each museum. I don’t think any of them realized what a major operation all of this would become. I’m sure all of them are looking down at us and feeling very proud of what they started.

These two founders, along with their loving wives, were the two driving forces that once they had the museum started, they gave so many more the reason to keep it going!

Now that everything is ready, let’s open the doors and show the visitors what great museums we have in Ashtabula.

Bob Frisbie, Director


Ron Depue donated these old railroad stock certificates. Bob Frisbie is mimicking Kilroy was here!!

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